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Question gearbox Oltcit - GS/A

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I would like to know if the gearboxes of Oltcit and Citroen GS 1220 or GSA 1300 are equal and if so I am looking for new (old stock) gearboxes.

Thanks in advance and kind regards from Germany

GS1220Break Hello,
No, the gearboxes of Oltcit / Axel are not the same as the gearboxes from Citroen GSA, GS. I don't think that there is any new gearbox in Romania , but who knows?? the difference between the Oltcit gearboxes and the Citroen GSA 1300cc gearbox, beside the fact that the gearbox is shorter/longer(difference of top speed and acceleration), the fixing points to the body/engine are a little bit different (but you can adapt it very easy), I mean the front and the back part of the gearbox are a little bit different.

I don't know about new gearbox for citroen gsa, but I can find you a very good gearbox for citroen gsa, with no problems...

I know new gearbox...but that would be for the 650cc Oltcit Special (I think the GSA Special has 2 cylinders, and a almost same gearbox as the oltcit special) GSA Special has 4 cilinders and 1129 cmc3 !!!
BANDITU a scris: ... cmc3 !!!

Correctly (as a remark): cubic centimetre (or: cubic centimeter). The difference between the 2 gearboxes models are the front and back covers of the gearbox (front - clutch system cover/ housing; back- speed sprocket cover/ housing). You can mount very easily a OLTCIT CLUB 12 TRS (or OLTENA CLUB 12 TRS, or OLTCIT/ CITROEN AXEL 12 TRS) gearbox into a GSA body with minor adaptations. The gears ratio is different between the 2 gearboxes models. Good-luck.
By the way, EVERYONE . I'm selling my car which is a OLTENA CLUB 12 TRS (1995 generation). It has problems with the transmission shafts (wheel axles) and with the engine (smoke, high oil consumption). Anyone interested? Spuneti-i omului ca si priza trebuie schimbata.
Tavi caroseria in ce conditii este? Si pune si tu anuntul la vanzari si ceva date de contact.
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