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Oltcit in UK

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I have just purchased the only Oltcit know in the UK. It is in good running order and legal to drive on the road. I am due to collect it on the 3rd December 2011 and will post some more photos then.


Click pentru a vedea imaginea  it`s nice to see a car like this in uk Congratulations on buying the Oltcit. The car looks great. It would be great if you could attend next year ICCR 2012 taking place in Yorkshire. It would be great if we could bring some of our cars there... Welcome to the club1 It's nice to see an Oltcit in such a good company (a C6, a DS and a 2CV ). Your car looks very good, and seems in very good shape, so I guess you will have a lot of fun with it. Thank you for your kind words in English. Unfortunately, I do not speak Romanian!

I took the picture at a “Citroen Car Club” event on 23-Oct-11. The other cars belong to other members of the Citroen Car Club. The owner of the Oltcit was at the event also. His name is Franklin and he is only 16 years old. His father had to drive him to it!

My Oltcit was registered in the UK on 01-Feb-09. It came from Hungary with Paul, the first UK owner. He drove it 2,200 KM to the UK from Hungary - amazing!

Franklin worked on the Oltcit in summer 2011, to obtain a new MOT (safety) certificate. I bought the car just after I took the photograph. Franklin wants to buy Citroen Visa GTi.

I have liked Citroens for many years. I have a blue Visa 1.7 Diesel also. I drove it to the event and parked next to the Oltcit and a white Visa GTi. This car belongs to Mike Harker, who is a Citroen Car Club member. I have included a photograph.

I do not know which car to take to the Citroen Car Club International meeting in August 2012! Perhaps if there is another Oltcit or Axel going there then I will take my Oltcit as well?


Click pentru a vedea imaginea  The first photo is taken from a site in England, I do not remember the exact name of the site, so I think it's not your car. Ori nu inteleg eu bine avand in vedere cata engleza stiu, ori tu trebuie sa deschizi mai bine ochii.
Citeste cu atentie si o sa vezi ca omul explica povestea masini. Just because this car has a little "history" on the internet, it's proof that this car does not belong to Six-Cylinder? I don't think so...

If my car has pictures on other sites it means that is not mine? Ryan2011 the picture is similar to the one I posted and at that time I did not own the Oltcit. It was latter that day I test drove the Oltcit and agreed to buy it a few days latter.

This is where you will have seen similar photographs to mind:

Plumber is correct, I am just trying to tell you the story of the car.

2007 Oltcit bought to the UK from Hungary by Paul.
July 2011 Oltcit sold to Franklin.
26th October 2011 Oltcit sold to Chris (me)

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding about the Oltcit, I have only owned it for 2 weeks and I am looking forward to driving it to shows next summer.

Chris anyway .. is a good car and is red like mine
change the right front wheel with an original on the car .. like the other ... no holes ... the holes are like citroen visa .. My ownership of the Oltcit has now been announced in the UK.

Chris nice .. even inside shows that out of the factory in Craiova I have spoken to Franklin and he is going to let me have the plain wheel with the Oltcit when I collect it.

Chris Good men this Franklin ! I collected my Oltcit last Saturday! It was fun to drive it at last. My wife and I spent the whole day driving it around the countryside for fun - we did 312 kilometres!

On the Sunday we took it to a Christmas dinner with the Citroen Car Club and did 148km.

Here is a picture of the Oltcit with two of the Citroen Visas that belong to friends in the Citroen Car Club.

Click pentru a vedea imaginea 


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