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Salutari din Polonia

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Hello everybody.

My name is Arek and I`m from Poland. I have recently bought Oltcit Club 11 R 1990. It`s my first Oltcit but not first boxer from Citroen. I also have GSA and some Visa 652 ccm. This Oltcit is in quite good condition, floor and sills are nice, some rust on rear wings. Steering is stiff and like most of Oltcits in Poland it has extremely worn out camshafts (you can hear it here ). I can place 1,3 engine from GSA but I prefer to have original 1,1 Romanian engine. Does anyone knows where I can find camshafts for Oltcit? I know some Romanian internet stores with Oltcit parts but I don`t know if they can send this to Poland. I would buy more than two to have some in reserve. What about quality of this Romanian camshafts? It`s old stock? How long it will last? It`s true that all parts for Oltcit are still in production in Romania?

Best regards

Some pictures of my Oltcit

And some of my other cars

I like your cars.Also your Oltcit.You nide some plastics on the sides(fenders).Can I help you?

You can find what you nide on this site:
You need to create a new acount.If you don't understand the Rumanian language,I can help you. Nice car ! Is repainted ?
In the Czech Republic have also been several cars.15-20 years ago I went there and bought bits 100-200. They scrapped !
The machine was situated in Poland, but not so many as in the Czech Republic
Camshafts and rocker arms find in romania.But it will not send anyone to Poland.Only stores, but may pay in advance.
If you put good oil in the engine, axles will last 70-100.000km.It is also manufactured some parts, but very few.
Good luck ! This is what you are looking for:

Also you nide some joints:

I saw your video.Your engine doesn't sound to good. You nide to replace the camshafts.
gsigsa a scris: ).
Baiatul are probleme cu axele cu came, culbutorii si cu ............ incarcarea (releul regulator de tensiune). Se pare ca e cam dus puntea mica.

P.S. Poate ii traduce cineva ceea ce am scris si eu aici. Am văzut și eu că are probleme cu încărcarea,, uite că-i spun acum:

You also have some problems with the generator, it does not charge your battery as it should. That's why the first red light in your dashboard stays on...

That engine souns about... to rebuild! My friends put those images, that's what you need. Costs about 30 euro, both of them.

Here's mine, the little rat.... Thanks for quick answer. Yes it was repainted. My Oltcit is from 1990 so it`s from Czech Republic, only year that Oltcit was imported to Poland was 1992. I have this plastics on the side of bumper, there is one store in my hometown ŁódŒ that in old times was selling pieces for Oltcit and they have some parts left, this plastics cost about 5 euro. I will also need rear bumper beacause it`s not original. There was a time when Oltcit was quite popular in Poland but now it`s almost disappeared from roads. When there is one for sale it`s the cheapest car on the market, I bought this for 100 euro, last year there was one for sale with 20 000 km for 150 euro. I will try to buy something in this store, I speak spanish so I understand some romanian words. congrats for the cars! The citroen GS was also equipped with the 1129cmc engine, I recomend you buy camshafts and rocker arms for that engine, they are identical, but probably better built, you won't regret it, also if you are working on the engine, you should check for other oil leaks from the oil pump, crankshaft and oil drain tubes (from heads). I'd advise you to check the engine compression for each cylinder before taking the engine appart as you may be down on compression due to worn valve seats (dosen't happen that often tho'). What I am saying is try to diagnose all of the problems and solve them all so you don't end up taking the engine appart for every little flaw, onice you are finished put some good oil, and with care it will carry you arround many thousands of miles. Good luck sorting out the parts, it's nice to know there are other oltcit enthusiasts out there. Hello ,
I have a OLTCIT like yours ,same model , same white, the same year . It was a very good car and today is on duty like 20 years ago.
Congratulation and be proud because OLTCIT was the last real CITROEN has made. Hello to all.
My white Oltcit is now running with 1,3 GSA engine. I was wondering if there is any diferrence between french G13 engine and romanian T13? Why romanian engine has only 61 HP instead of 65. I think it should have even more without hydraulic pump. It`s only because of exhaust system? Camshafts are the same?
This year I bought two more Oltcit. First Club 11RL 1992 only for spare parts. It has quite good bodywork and beige interior. 65000 on the clock.

Is this interior original? Why this lower part of dashboard is not beige and the carpets are blue?

My last acquisition is red Club 11R 1988. I saved it from scrapyard in Czech Republic. First owner, 52000 on the clock, almost rust free, original paint. Engine runs good without typical camshafts noise.

Some more pictures
Now all my cars except white Oltcit are sleeping in a barn awaiting spring. .. basically no differences between the two engines ... but the quality is far superior French parts of the Romanian ... + small manufacturing errors ... camshafts are the same ...

inside is not original ... that no such variants French interior gray, green, blue, cognac (like your board below) ... cognac inside the Romanian version was replaced with a brown interior ... but all retain the same shade of color .. brown interior that is ... all components are brown including carpets
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