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RALLYE with oltcit/citroen axel
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Hello everybody !

My name is Norbert , i have a Citroen axel rally car
I like this car because very good feeling rallye with the car
my webside : Welcome:)

OOHH YES this is my car thank you valib for uploading the photos
nice Hello, lucky 13!
What modifications do you have on your engine and gearbox? Hello, Norbert I like your car, and I also think that it's a very good rally car . I'm glad that you join us, on this forum Where did you rally? Only in Hungary or are others countries where you participated? Hy geani !

I very happy that you think that it is good car thank you
i very like this car it's very strong but no bet yet
but we are making the new power for the new year .
yes i rallye only in Hungary on amateurish rallye sprint yet

engine 1300 ccm little tuning karburator, control,easy the fly-wHeel......
now make dupla weber electrich ac .........
gearbox is a seria /simpla/ oltcit club 1,1 very nice norby!!! welcome to the club. thank you very much I'm very happy that you have the same passion like us about this car I hope that next year you could come to our anually meeting, somewhere in Moldavia region, between 24-30 july. Look here to see pictures about how was this year meeting, at Obarsia Lotrului, near Sibiu, and maybe you will decide to join us hy

:I hope I can go to the meeting We'll wait for you Of course, we will talk about it Hi Norby, welcome to the club. Here you will find some racing maniacs (including me ), so we will have something to talk about. I understand that you are racing now only as an amateur. Can you race in Hungary's professional championship with your car? Even without an Group N or A homologation (becose the Group A international homologation for this car has expired a few years ago)? Hello !

I am also racing maniak . This is the best sport.Yes I rally now only amateur.But I can go to Rallye 1 in Hungary but I don't have lots of money and the car is not homologation
For the amateur rally i don't need licence. but profi rally (Rally 1 ,rally2, RTE) for i need licence Same situation in Romania. As far as I know, for the Group N, Axel still has international homologation until 2009, if I'm not wrong, for both engines (1129 and 1299 cmc). How much costs the licence in your country? (here is about 300euros the driving scholl, wich is necessary to obtain the licence).
Keep up the good work! What type of licence did you thinking about??? Race or driving licence?
norbyracing a scris:What type of licence did you thinking about??? Race or driving licence?

Race licence of course. The driving licence is somewhat cheaper (about 100euros if I'm not wrong). hi

Pff I don't know how much costs the race licence ... hy norby...i have a question for u....where did u get the car?...and how u will come to our meeting if ypur car is not homologated?...u will take it on the platform?...keep it real man yes, he will come with a platform, with me too:)
His father loves the Oltcit, they had 3 Oltcits(I think they have them too), and when they decided for a rally car...they choosen Oltcit. keep it real man ???
you don't understand the meaning of these words? Hi everybody !

I already put the webbers on the engine and now I am making the 50mm exhaust system!
I going to buying the high-pressure electric fuel pump for the weber.

1 month, and I will go to a smaller rally, and for training. In april the rallys will start Good luck! The exhaust is one common (with te Y piece) or there are 2 separate pipes from the engine to the back? Did you have kept the exits from the cylnder heads or did you made a special piece there to fit de 50mm pipe? Succes on rally, Norbert. We all expect good results Good luck good luck from me to
please do some pictures and post them here (with the cup ) Hello !

I did not modified the cylinder exits. I have the standard 1300 exit, and the new exhaust start sfrom the Y with a 50mm exhaust, and at the end I have a sport exhaust because I don't have too much money, but later I will make the full 50mm exhaust system

Ciao Ok, I understand. You won't get much performance with that system Only noise (a lot ) . Make it like this for now, and then try to exit directly from the angine with a biger pipe. And of course you might try to finish the cylinder head's surfaces for inlet and outlet (ifi you haven't done that yet ). So pedal to the metal Hy

Thanks for comments and help to everybody

so pedal to the metal of course Hi!

We made the 50 mm exhaust system -->>the car has very brutal voice .
I going to uploading video on the car.

norbyracing a scris:We made the 50 mm exhaust system -->>the car has very brutal voice .

Ok the voice is "brutal", but the power Did you noticed some changes? Or it's just the noise? not just the noise just the power

the power is better but we don't finish the work
i didn't go to training with the car these are some pictures of my car from 2006 put more pictures from 2006!
More photos and where are the videos you promised? i will upload it soon Hello Norbert, welcome to the club,
I saw all the pictures and anything about your car .
We are waiting for the new pictures.
Do you also have a hungarian club?? I am looking for an engine (AXEL 12 TRS), can I found in Hungary an engine like that?? Thank you. Hi Cristian !

In hungary we havent got a big oltcit club like yours
Tomorrow i going to upload new photos !
now i dont know engine like yours you want

bye Ciao

new photos: Wow, what a carburetor, congratulations!! From where do you have the front rims This one??Realy cool Thanks, Yes this one ;
I bought here, in hungary New photos from Norby:

For this new front rims you still need this thing? nasty work ! ouch !!!! hi!

i dont need because the new rims are factory citroen rims
previous rims was dacia rims
it was faulty and in a corner at high speed it bursted the car is for sale...
price: aprox. 1000euro
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