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he say

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the clutch overhaull all engine thats everithing I don't understand you.
if the clutch is the problem, i can send you one new

try to tell your romanian mechanic to write your problems in romanian, and you should photo that he wrote in romanian, so I could see what's the problem.

maybe it's not so bad, but he doesn't know a lot about Oltcit. I have news i now have my oltcit i am so happy but my mechanic i don't know i really like how my engine works but i don't now i can't trust so tomorrow i are going to send pictures of my oltcit or my "Patineta Veloz" fast skateboard
Oh and can somebody send to me plz to Costa Rica the right mirror son kind of stupid driver broke mi mirror can somebady help me please
Your Friend Juank hello!

well, make a list of what you need, and I will send them to you. i need to thigs after purchase something how i can do to pay to you and how you send that to me i need to know sometime how i can do to fix my tachometer?? somebody know help me please
Valib i need to purchase the "nivel benzina" but i don't know how i can say that on english i need all the benzina marker, the "turometru motor" and i need the real price how i need to deposit to you please thanks well I could buy you new one from the shop, I will look around.
I can send it to you by post, and you will get it aftfel 2-3-4 weeks
the payment method...i don't really know. I could thrust you, so you could pay with Western Union or something else....
i have to think about this too... send me an e-mail at:
and we will talk about what you need
or contact me on yahoo messenger, with my e-mail address The payment method is quite easy, you can talk to the person that want's to send the spare parts and he tells you the exact price of the transportation and you send this money. When the parts reach their destination, you send the rest of the money. i have what you need.
do you need it new, or just good?
i don't want nothing for it.

Do you need anything else for your car? Make a list...and I will look for them.

sa invatam si spaniola:)

tengo lo que usted necesita. ¿usted necesita lo nuevo, o bueno justo? no deseo nada para él. ¿Usted necesita cualquier cosa para su coche? Haga una lista... y los buscaré. i need just for the benzina marker and tachometer, and i want to know if some people of this forum are going to visit costa rica i am here!!!! if somebody come to costa rica don't worry if need help just call me by a e-mail.

Someone have a little book of oltcit
juank well i don't think that anyone will go to costa rica, it is too far:(

I can send you what you need, but the price for sending will be a lot more than the price of what you need.
That's why, please think if you need anything else. i have a lot of problem with my oltcit but i found one oltcit specialist.
ok i have one question what all of you right here recomend to me to modify my oltcit to win horse power speed and all
please say me something
thanks well....
you could try to put the twin carburateurs from the alfa romeo 33...

or, if you have spare parts for your engine coud modify your engine.

do you have any new spare parts for Oltcit there??? i dont have spare parts for my oltcit what kind of parts
i want to put a turbo and the header what i can do???? I love to go on Costa Rica...)))))
Grigoras Cristian a scris:I love to go on Costa Rica...)))))
Iar te bagi aiurea in discutii. Pastreaza-ti elanul pt scoala.
Am sa te folosesc pe post de deget cind voi simti nevoia sa ma scarpin in diferite locuri. Iar ce ai scris inseamna: Imi place sa merg pe Costa Rica
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